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The following general conditions apply to all transactions carried out by the company CC-Lit A.E. (hereinafter referred to as COMPANY) through the online store (external link), with the exception of individual cases and after special written agreements. This version of the terms of trade supersedes all previous ones. The COMPANY has every right to modify or correct its general trading conditions after a relevant printed or electronic notification.


The COMPANY carries out wholesale sales on behalf of third parties and cooperates exclusively with IT merchants located in Greece or in foreign countries excluding any third party buyer (Retail Customer, End User, etc.).


Orders are received via the website (external link) To access the website you must be a registered and authorized user. If your registration is approved, the COMPANY will provide you with an access card, username and password. Immediately after receiving the order, you can track its progress from the "Cooperation -> My orders" menu.

Orders are processed after payment is confirmed. The products are properly packed and sent according to the selection made in the corresponding basket menu. The products are sent from the distribution centers of Athens or Thessaloniki with the criterion of the fastest execution of the order. If internal handling between the distribution centers is needed for this purpose, this is not charged to the customer.The distribution centers are connected electronically in real time with the Orders department and the COMPANY's headquarters in Moschato and have privately owned trucks for the immediate and safe execution of orders. Fulfillment of orders away from the distribution centers is carried out through partner transport agencies or through partner courier companies. Shipping costs incurred per order are borne by the customer, except in individual cases and upon special agreement.


Immediately after registering the order, the customer can track its progress through the website. Self-delivery orders can be picked up from stores until 6:00 p.m. and are executed the same day, except in cases where the customer has been informed during the registration about the delay in the execution of the order. For orders that will be sent with a cooperating transport company, they will be carried out on the same day if they have been registered by 13.00. For orders that will be sent with a cooperating courier company, they will be carried out on the same day if they have been registered by 15.00. In exceptional cases, and if there is a reason of force majeure, the delivery time can be extended after the relevant information has been given to the customer.

In case of inability to meet the predetermined times we have set for the execution of an order, due to force majeure, e.g. traffic breakdown, bad weather conditions, strikes, unforeseen government measures, etc. then the validity of our contractual obligation is suspended and the customer is immediately informed of the method and new time of execution of his order, without being entitled to compensation. In any case, contact us electronically by sending an email to or by phone at (tel.: +30 801 700 7467, from Monday to Friday, hours 09:00 - 17:00).


In case a product is not available, then we contact the customer immediately to inform about the possible date that it will be available. In case the new availability date of the product is not satisfactory, then the order of the specific product can be cancelled. Any remaining order is carried out normally, after consultation.Edit Section order cancellation The cancellation of an order can only be done after sending a request to cancel the order to the email address from the email with which the customer is registered at

Any complaint arising during the delivery of an order must be made immediately upon receipt. In case of detection of a defective or non-compliant product, the person in charge of receipts must immediately inform electronically by sending an email to the address or by phone at (tel.: +30 801 700 7467, from Monday to Friday, hours 09:00 - 17 :00). In the event of a justified complaint, the customer has the right to request a change or return of the defective product and the costs of transport


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