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Now you buy our items in economical box packs with even more competitive prices. Many of our products have new economy pack prices for full boxes. Columns have been added with the quantity and price corresponding to the economy package. Note that this is not a quantity discount but a lower price of the economy package. Study the new policy and you will find many possibilities to improve your profitability and competitiveness.

Changes to the use of plastic money in PcShop

Μamong the many changes brought about by capital movement controls is the change in the use of plastic money, i.e. all kinds of credit and debit cards. At PcShop the result is a spectacular increase in card payments. From studying the percentages of PcShop payments made by card for the last 24 months, i.e. for the years 2014 and 2015, it is evident that from a level of 10% until the beginning of 2015 we are climbing close to 30% by the end of the year. The drastic increase in the use of cards forced us to rethink our credit card policy and we came up with the following changes:
  • Let's add the option to pay by card on
  • To do a fair sharing of card payment costs
  • We should no longer charge customers who do not use a card
  • Do everything we can to achieve a reduction in bank fees for cards
The above is consistent with the philosophy of transparency and the right prices for the benefit of small and medium-sized businesses and IT professionals that PcShop has made its flag from the beginning.So what will happen practically?

From Monday, February 22, 2016, the following changes will be made:

  • Card payments will be made at the online store
  • PcShop prices will be reduced by an average of 0.62%
  • In case of payment by card, price lists will be activated with increased prices that will also include the cost of supplying the respective card
  • The commissions of the cards will be posted on and at the cash registers of the stores and will be adjusted every time we achieve (hopefully) a reduction

    The details for those interested:

    The skyrocketing use of cards combined with the very high fees we are forced to pay to banks leads to an absurd cost-sharing situation. If e.g. in 2014 the 1.6% commission for payment by MasterCard resulting in a purchase worth 100 Euros to be (100+23)*0.016 i.e. 1.97 Euros we shared it with one customer who bought with a card and 9 others who were not at fault nothing. That is, they all paid 0.20 Euro for every 100 Euro purchase. Shut up the blood, you might say, and that's what we've been saying up until now. However, the same account this year made us share the cost of one customer who will buy with a card and 2 customers who do not owe anything, i.e. 0.66 Euro for every 100 Euro of purchases. At this point we believe it's time to change our policy to a more fair one, which is more in line with PcShop's whole philosophy of transparent pricing policy. With our new policy, we add the possibility of card payments to the online store, but we stop dividing the cost of the cards among all customers and charge with different price lists depending on the burden caused by each payment method.
The truly outrageous commission charges are shown in the table below and are what Alpha Bank has been charging us to date.

What particularly shows the arbitrariness and absurdity of the fees are the debit cards which in our opinion should be zero. According to the adjacent table, there will therefore be special price lists increased for each type of card according to the percentage of the bank commission. At the PcShop checkouts, depending on the payment method, the corresponding catalog will be activated. Price tags will continue to show cash prices. The same will apply to the website, where all prices are the normal ones for payment by transfer via e-banking, while if a card payment method is selected in the cart, then the corresponding surcharged prices will appear in the cart. Beware of those at the PcShop cashier who were paying mixed i.e. half by card and half by cash. Now separate documents must be cut for each payment method. As a company we support every use of technology that improves both our personal and professional lives. For this reason, we will make every effort to improve the conditions and reduce the burden for the use of cards, especially debit cards.

Card TypeCommissionBase price reductionFinal charge
Visa credit/debit1,0 %-0,62 %0,38 %
Maestro1,0 %-0,62 %0,38 %
MasterCard credit/debit1,1 %-0,62 %0,48 %
Diners2,8 %-0,62 %2,18 %


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