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SMB AMD-RYZEN(64B/4C) 08GB(64GB) 6B 4U3.2 2x2.5GbE 2PCIe
SMB ARM1.7G(32B/4C) 02GB/08GB 4B 4U3 2*1GbE+10GbE 1XBOX 1U
SMB ARM1.7G(64B/4C) 2GB(16GB) 4B 4U3 2*2.5GbE 2*10GbE 2XBOX
SMB ARM2.2G(64B/4C) 4GB(32GB) 04B 4USB3 2x2.5GbE+2x10GbE 1U
SMB C2.6G(64B/4C) 8GB(08GB) 2B 2x2.5GbE U3.2G2 2xHDMI
SMB C2.6G(64B/4C) 8GB(08GB) 4B 2x2.5GbE U3.2G2 2xHDMI
SMB C2.9G(64B/4C) 8GB(8GB) 2B 2x2.5GbE PCIe U3.2G2 HDMI_2
SMB C2.9G(64B/4C) 8GB(8GB) 4B 2x2.5GbE PCIe U3.2G2 HDMI_2
SMB C2.9G(64B/4C) 8GB(8GB) 6B 2x2.5GbE PCIe U3.2G2 HDMI_2
SOHO ARM1.8G(64B/4C), 2GB(2GB), 1B, 1xU2, 1xU3.2G1, 1xGbE
SOHO ARM2.0G(64B/4C), 2GB(2GB), 2B, 2xU2, 1xU3.2G1, 1xGbE
SOHO ARM2.0G(64B/4C), 4GB(4GB), 4B, 2xU2, 1xU3.2G1, 1G&2.5G
SOHO C2.9G(64B/2C) 2GB(16GB) 4B 1x2.5GbE PCIe U3.2G2 HDMI
SOHO C2.9G(64B/2C) 4GB(4GB) 2B 1x2.5GbE 1xPCIe U3.2G2 HDMI2
Synology BeeDrive BDS70-1T (personal/portable NAS)
Synology BeeDrive BDS70-2T (personal/portable NAS)
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